MyBox is a Pocket Netbook and Social Networking Gizmo Dating From Back in 2010

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My inbox was empty today, so I searched the web for some older concept mobile device we may have missed over the years. I found an interesting device called MYbox, the one shown below, as a dual display unit that was created in 2010 by designer Yogesh Kumar.

MYBox concept netbook 1

This feels like something Microsoft would make, straight from the books of the Kin project. MyBox is described as a pocket sized netbook and a social networking device of sorts. It features a QWERTY keyboard, high speed WiFi and Bluetooth. The design involves a clamshell approach and this model is quite ergonomic and compact. Obviously phone calling features are included, aside from the social networking ones.

MYBox concept netbook 2

I can see there’s a directional pad as well and the display’s bezels are remarkably thin for 2010. There’s no hint of what OS is running here, so let’s assume it’s a proprietary one. I’m guessing this would also make one hell of a portable console, right? Still I can’t figure if the keyboard is virtual or real.

MYBox concept netbook 3

MYBox concept netbook 4

[via hexlab]

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