Neovictorian Phone is Totally Steampunk, Available for a Price

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A concept by J. Redmer, the Neovictorian phone is as steampunk as it gets. This device comes with a wooden chassis and it’s not a high tech piece of handset, since it relies on a Sagem X5m for its main pieces.

This is an entirely hand made cellphone, an unique piece of work that’s sold for $350 right here. The menu is available in English and German and there’s also a 230 V charger in the mix, 900/1800 MHz connectivity and a battery that lasts for 1-3 days, approximately. The original Sagem cellphone has been integrated into a handmade wooden case and tweaked with antique brass keys for dialing.

The backlit LCD display gets a new front, a green one, that gives it an old-school look. If you live in Europe you can get this product and some other pieces of work from the Neo-Victorian and Steampunk currents, courtesy of Redmer Werkstatt from Poland.

[via Dvice]