Neptune Suite Concept Features a Watch That Acts as the Core Hub for a Tablet and Phone

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The ASUS PadFone concept was just the start of modularity, that’s taken to a new level, courtesy of the Neptune Suite. This creation comes from Pearl Studios and it’s a project that’s getting financing as we’re writing this, so it may be for sale soon. The product is priced at $599 and it revolves around a watch.

Neptune Hub concept watch  (1)

The Neptune Watch is a very powerful device, that powers a tablet, phone, a keyboard for the tablet and even involves a TV dongle. None of these devices can work without the watch and they don’t even have to be inserted into each other like the PadFone. The Neptune Hub is the actual smartwatch, with a quad core CPU inside, support for 3G and LTE and WiFi, plus GPS and Bluetooth.

Neptune Hub Pocket screen (1)

It’s a curved watch, that’s on the bulky side and has a pretty big screen. Think Samsung Gear S, only flashier and prettier. Then comes the phone, called a Pocket Screen in this case and it’s basically a 5 inch smartphone that’s empty inside and can’t work without the watch. Then there’s a 10.1 inch tablet with a small bezel touchscreen and a front facing camera, able to be paired with a keyboard dock.

To top it all, the Neptune Headset is a wireless pair of headphones, that also works as a pendant by snapping together magnetically the buds and even works as a charger cord. Finally, there’s an HDMI dongle called Neptune Dongle, that brings all the action to the big screen TV. Neptune even prepared a cool UI for these devices, as shown in the source link below. Would you spend $600 on these?

Neptune Hub concept watch  (2)

Neptune Pocket screen

Neptune tablet concept  (3)

Nepotune headset

Neptune tablet concept  (2)

Neptune tablet concept  (1)

Neptune dongle concept


[via Behance]

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