OnePlus 6 Gets Introduction Video, Dual Front Camera

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It’s very hard to predict what will be special about the OnePlus 6, but the folks of Techconfigurations have tried that out with a concept. It has some obvious choices and some risky ones, but I’m sure it’ll be enjoyed by many, in the renders below.

First of all the obvious: it does feel a bit like a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 combined with an iPhone X. The back camera in particular, the dual one feels a ton like the iPhone X. This time we get a dual front camera, a move we’ve seen often on smartphones from the past years, but more midrangers rather than flagships. Since the OnePlus 5T already went to 6 inches, this diagonal is probably kept on the new model, so I think OnePlus won’t go to something crazy like 6.44 inches.

I also see that Techconfigurations put an in display fingerprint scanner here, integrated within the screen panel. Speaking of display, it’s an 18:9 affair with very narrow bezels and the back side is also covered with glass. The good news? Wireless charging is here, fast charging too and the back side manages to look a bit less like the iPhone in red, in spite of the camera format.

Make sure you watch the video below.

[via Techconfigurations]

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