Pilotfish Ondo Is the Perfect DJ Phone, Supports Music Editing on the Go

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Pilotfish is an industrial design firm based in Munich, who stunned the world with a superb concept phone, the Onyx, a couple of years ago. Now, they’re ready to impress us once again, this time with the aid of Ondo, a music editing concept phone that includes a mixer.


Pilotfish Ondo comes with a small mixing panel and 3 removable recording sticks (with internal memory) and a twistable center. The latter will allow DJs to insert pitch bends, as for the removable memory sticks, they use OLED technology and can be attached to various musical instruments, in order to record the sounds they make.

Once the sticks are installed, they become the main phone panel and you should remember that these components can be traded with other Ondo users, for more audio sample variety. Ondo is made out of form-sensitive flexible materials, so twisting and bending it will be just another way of modifying sounds, as you mix music.






[via Engadget Mobile]