Project Aria Concept is so Much More Than Project Ara: Super Capacitors, Holograms and Transparency (Video)

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Today we’re dealing with a concept called Project Aria, that’s so much more than Project Ara. It still features a modular aspect, but it also comes with holographic projection and other futuristic features.

Project Aria concept phone 1

The renders were created by and the device is supposed to be “eternally future-proof”. Project Aria comes with Android, a fully transparent screen, holographic projection, via 4 small projectors placed in the corners of the handset and modular interchangeable parts. There’s also a Lytro camera, that allows you to capture complete depths of field in images, so you can capture now and refocus later.

Project Aria concept phone 2

Specs are also crazy good, including a 5 inch UHD display with POLED panel, as well as an octa core 20 nm chip clocked at 3 GHz, a 64 bit unit by the way. There’s 4 GB of RAM included, up to 128 GB of storage, a 13 MP Lytro camera with OIS and 4K Video capture, plus 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.1. An interesting feature, also detailed in the video below is the carbon-based super capacitor that offers 2 days of battery life with a 30 minute charge.

The designers also promise to integrate a vibration transducer speaker system, that turns any flat surface into a large speaker, enhancing the acoustics. The actual design involves a slab of glass and two main metal portions, with modular parts inserted like SD cards at the top and bottom of the glass pieces.

Project Aria concept phone 3

Project Aria concept phone 4

Project Aria concept phone 5

Project Aria concept phone 6


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