Pure Mobile Phone Render Looks Like a Revamped HTC From 2012

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Mohamed Magdy sent us his latest work, the Pure Mobile, a handset that looks a bit like a combo between a HTC One X and a Nokia Lumia. The device has true blacks displayed on the screen and also you can’t distinguish between the screen borders and the upper glass layer.


This probably means we’re dealing with ClearBlack technology here. The same screen offers accurate colors and from what I can see at the back, we’ve got a camera with Carl Zeiss optics integrated here. The handset adopts a rectangular shape, but its corners are slightly rounded and also the profile seems a bit curved. There are no Back, Home or even volume or camera buttons here, so you probably have to rely on gestures and touch input.

The most interesting and original part about the Pure Mobile concept phone is that small chin at the front, with the Pure logo on. It’s an interesting touch, that while taking a part off the screen estate, it differentiates from typical all glass handset facades.

[via Mohamed Magdy]