Ramos MOS1 Smartphone Leaked in Renders, Seems to Have Dual Sided 2.5D Glass Panels

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Ramos, in case you don’t know is a company from China that makes some pretty good tablets. Well, they’re ready to get into the phone business apparently, through a smartphone called MOS1. That model has had its renders leaked online and you can check out 4 of them below.

Ramos smartphone concept 1

Obviously they could just be some designers’ renders, without an actual device being made, but let’s assume the handset is real. The MOS1 comes with a dual sided 2.5D glass panel similar to the one that other Chinese smartphones sport, like the Vivo X5 Pro for example. The phone comes with a 4850 mAh battery, Android 5.0 Lollipop with a custom Ramos skin on top and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Quad HD screen here.

This model is going to be a bezel-free unit and apparently it comes with a dual back camera. It could be a system similar to the one offered by Huawei Honor 6 Plus… The back side seems to be metallic and has a concentrical pattern, like the laptops made by ASUS. What do you say? Would this model sell well?

Ramos smartphone concept 2

Ramos smartphone concept 4

Ramos smartphone concept 3

[via mtksj]

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