Sero Phone Design is Circular, Very Original

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Imagined by Daniel Lau, the Sero Phone is the type of device that would work fine with Apple’s logo on it. It’s basically a circular phone design, with some very interesting and high end specs.

Sero concept phone 1

Nowadays, most phone are rectangular, so this is totally out of the norm. The Sero smartphone is meant for audiophiles and comes with a special slot all around the edge, for the headphones to wrap around. It also has a 360 degree hi-fi speaker system and other peripherals available here include a hi-def ProCam and a boosted ProSound speaker. Those can be swapped out, so this model is also modular.

Sero runs a smart OS, that makes the app grow in size depending on how often they’re used. The device measures 19 mm in thickness and uses a polycarbonate unibody design, with an aluminum dial and speaker grille. The handset a customizable LED notification ring and a 4 in 1 camera. By the way, the screen of the Sero seems very crisp.

Sero concept phone 2

Sero concept phone 3

Sero concept phone 4

Sero concept phone 5

Sero concept phone 6

Sero concept phone 7

[via Yanko Design]

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