Sharp Aquos 2 Rendered by Concept Creator (Video)

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I’m stunned by the amount of people praising the Xiaomi Mi MIX and Galaxy S8 for their edge to edge designs, while forgetting who started it all. It was Sharp Aquos Crystal, but now it’s time for Sharp to reclaim what’s theirs. Concept Creator has a vision of that new device.

He calls it the Sharp Aquos 2, but from what I’ve heard the name Sharp Aquos S3 is also being thrown around. Anyway, what we’re dealing with here is an angular smartphone, with the front camera placed at the bottom, right next to the Aquos brand. This feels like basically a Galaxy S8 that was fit into a painting frame somehow, if you know what I mean. The curved corners of the screen feel like LG G6 material.

Splice on that the metal frame and format of the sides seen on those Surface Phones and you’ve got this Sharp concept phone. I’m surprised there’s no dual back camera here and I’m digging the back side texture, all chromey and shiny. It reminds me of the Xperia Z5 and its Platinum approach. Shiny, metal, no bezels, what more do you need?

[via Concept Creator]

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