Sharp Corner R Bezel Less Concept Phone is Superb, Takes CEATEC 2016 By Storm (Video)

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There’s nothing we love more than a REAL concept phone, a prototype that’s being showcased at events, in this case the Sharp Corner R, being showcased at CEATEC 2016. It’s a handset with a curved front panel and with ultra narrow bezels, actually the narrowest I’ve ever seen.


It’s a 5.2 inch smartphone that seems to lack a front camera and earpiece, but knowing Sharp like I do, the earpiece has been replaced with a bone conduction vibration system. Showcased in Tokyo and demoed on video below, this device is simply stunning. The front is all glass and curved, managing to be even more beautiful than the front of the Galaxy S7 Edge. This model has a pixel density of 425 ppi and relies on Sharp’s Free Form technology.


That tech integrates driver circuits in the active area of the display, instead of the standard approach of putting them in bezels. Sharp Free Form screens can be shaped into any form factor, like the rounded rectangle we have here for example. The display here stands for almost 90% of the facade and it manages to be even more beautiful than the Sharp Aquos Crystal X.

Quite an achievement!





[via Gizmochina, The Verge]

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