Sharp’s RoBoHoN is a Cute and Creepy Robot Phone (Video)

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Unveiled at CEATEC 2015, the Sharp RoBoHoN is the most unlikely of combos, between a smartphone a toy robot. It can dance, talk to its owner, it has a projector in its head and its eyes light up when taking a picture.

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 1

RoBoHoN also has articulated arms and legs, that allow it to move around and even do funky dances. Sharp made this into a 390 gram phone, with a height of 19.5 cm and it comes with both WiFi and LTE available. There’s a small 2 inch 320 x 240 screen on its back side and in case you’re wondering, this will actually become a real product, sold in Japan in the first half of 2016.

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 2

Facial and voice recognition are also provided and from what I saw in the video below, the robot can react to certain situations, like the user having a meal, sneezing or saying hello. A seriously creepy thing was the moment when the user asked if a sunset was beautiful, while looking at it and the RoBoHoN said “yes, it’s beautiful”. I get the whole vibe of this toy, but putting it next to your ear for a phone call is ridiculous.

Still, it’s a cute machine that dances and will probably thrill many generations. Suffice to say I imagine this wouldn’t be a hit anywhere else than Japan…

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 3

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 4

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 5

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 6

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 7

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 8

Sharp RoBoHoN robot phone 9

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