Slick PMP Concept Phone is a Sidekick and a PSP, for Some a HTC Device

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Where do I sign to get one of these devices when it turns into a real one? Check out the Slick PMP Phone concept designed  by Jorge. L Gonzalez, a tech wonder that really had me impressed. It has everything a gamer needs, the perfect keyboard for texting freaks, a huge touchscreen and a very attractive form factor.

It basically a hybrid between a PSP, a Sidekick and any HTC device that you can imagine.


The handset’s camera is placed at the center back part, so it won’t obstruct your fingers as you game on. Plus, you get to use the device’s shoulder buttons for camera control and gaming. Notice those joysticks? They pop up when you slide the moving part of the handset and they’re pretty big, even for a portable console.

Slick also includes a QWERTY keypad that may remind some of you of the famous Sidekick or the T-Mobile G1.


So, we’ve got easy texting and instant messaging, gaming functions and a hot curved design that offers a better feel in the user’s hand and next to his face. We can’t forget the incredible 4 inch touchcreen, with zoom in/out support and the multimedia functions that also make this phone a PMP (portable media player).

Last, but not least, the quality of the materials used to built Slick really impressed me: stainless steel, chrome (trim), aluminium (faceplate) and rubber (keypad).





[via Coroflot]