Streit Phone Concept Shows that You can Add a Screen Edge to A Handset Without Curving It

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Designer Micheal Muleba is back with an interesting concept, that changes the usual idea of having a phone with side screens that are actually curved continuations of the main screen. This time the screens on the side are added as perpendicular portions of display, not curved ones.

Streit concept phone dual boot 1

As you can see, this model runs Windows Phone or better said Windows 10 Mobile and it comes with a triple screen theoretically. It’s actually a dual boot device, with a 20 megapixel Pureview camera and volume controls available as touch sliders. Interestingly the back also seems to be made of glass, so we’re dealing with 4 glass pieces here, somehow…

Streit concept phone dual boot 2

In spite of seeing the side glass areas as perpendicular, they’re actually sloped, which may make the grip of the device a bit less comfy, unless my eye sight is failing me. I say that any idea that expands the screen and gets rid of physical button is welcome, but still the Streit concept phone shown here has one big problem: that big Home button.

Streit concept phone dual boot 3

Streit concept phone dual boot 4

Streit concept phone dual boot 5

Streit concept phone dual boot 6

Streit concept phone dual boot 7

[thanks Micheal Muleba]

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