Touch Screen Rotary Phone is Both Modern and Retro, At the Same Time

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Mark Miller designed the Touch Screen Rotary phone, that can be considered some sort of “iPhone of the eighties”. It packs touch controls on the rotary, a backlit screen that shows the incoming called ID and an exterior that uses a frosted polycarbonate base, that glows when you receive a call.

This device supports both VOIP and landline calling, but we really need fixed phones any more?




[via Yanko Design]

  • Tron

    Yes, there is a need, mostly when you work at home and are required to be in stupid long teleconferences & meetings on the phone. A cel just doesn’t cut it; even when plugged in with a bluetooth headset, they just aren’t made for hours of continual operation like that, get hot easily, start to fail from that, etc…

  • jerry

    i think its a cool blast from the past