Transparent Phone Based on AMOLED and E-Ink Technologies is Ideal for Forgetful Users

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Are you the type who forgets to charge a cellphone? Then the Second Life Mobile Phone concept is for you! Created by Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae, this device uses an AMOLED screen, that’s powered up when the handset has plenty of battery and switches to E-ink screen technology when standby mode kicks in.

Also we’re dealing with a transparent phone, with a degree of transparency that’s influenced by the battery level of the device. This means that the display will get more transparent as you run out of battery. This is a great way to remember to recharge the handset, if you’re the forgetful kind.

As far as the Second Life Phone design is concerned, it looks pretty nifty, since it’s very slim and reminds me of a piece of glass with minuscule hardware components inside. Also, the Home button has got to the coolest of its kind we’ve seen. Great job!

[Yanko Design via Dvice]