Trou Flexible Concept Phone is a Flexible Device With an Incorporated Projector

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We’ve missed Mac Funamizu’s original and crazy (in the good way) concepts, so we’re excited to show you the Trou concept phone, a flexible handset that incorporates a projector and uses a “hologram system”. Funamizu entered his idea in a future mobile design competition with the theme “Design the mobile of 2020”. And so he did…


Mac Funamizu hopes that holography technology will greatly develop in 10 years, reaching mass production and mobile handsets. Gone will be the displays, replaced by a hole and a couple of 3D projectors that will create the needed interface and great visual effects. Also, we learn that this concept phone is made out of flexible and soft materials.

The flexible area around the “hole” will allow the user to wear the handset around his wrist and even take calls while wearing it like this. The 3D projectors are located inside the device’s flexible frame and they’ll create great graphics, as you can see in the image below. Another great idea from Mac Funamizu!






[via petitinvention and Yanko Design]