The Ultimate Smartphone Incorporates Technology from Apple, Samsung, Sony and HTC (Video)

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The folks of T3 have done it again! They’ve imagined the ultimate smartphone, a model that uses technologies from the leading handset makers on the market: Apple, Sony, Samsung and HTC. The result is the uberphone below, a smartphone that has futuristic features and a truly impressive design.

Ultimate Smartphone 06

Overall, the look reminds me of the HTC One quite a bit and maybe a bit of the iPhone. There’s a 5 inch Full HD Super AMOLED display on board with Gorilla Glass 3 protection, accompanied by a dual Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 setup, with a crazy power of 8 top notch cores. We’ve also got 128 GB of on board storage, 16 GB of RAM, 4G LTE and a Li-Ion 6000 mAh battery with Stamina mode.

Ultimate Smartphone 03

The sleek aluminum body is inspired by the HTC One and iPhone 5 and this model measures 6.45 mm in thickness, while weighing 120 grams. We’ve got boom Sound dual front speakers and amplifiers on board, dual boot ability for iOS 7 and Android 4.2.2 and a crazy good 41 megapixel Pureview camera with Carl Zeiss optics. This superphone is dust proof and waterproof and to top it all, it comes with a virtual keyboard projector…

Ultimate Smartphone 01

Honestly speaking, there’s no upgrade to be done to this phone, since it has the perfect specs. Kudos to T3 for the ideas and if you want to know who’s behind the project, well the Motion Graphics team from T3 did, led by designer and editor Andrew Donaldson.

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[via T3]

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    Very good quality video !!! good job 🙂

  • mike

    Apn 41 mp pureview and a battery 6000mah, thickness 6,45 mn is impossible before long
    No xenon flash and led is very bad for 41 mp pureview.
    Even if they are concept, make a product a real minimum.
    Material thickness and constraints within a real party worthy cameraphone and big battery are very different to what you can imagine.
    thank you for the correct concept,dream concept slim on this site is true no matter what.
    If this is what people expect from the notes on the site, they will have to wait a very long time and again.

  • Noel

    I See HTC producing a device close to this concept. First it sorta looks like a sibling of the HTC One but thinner. I don’t care for very thin device…make it compact under 10mm thick and under 135mm tall with a monster battery and i am cooool w/it.

  • Good mobile , built quality is very good
    And please tell me how I by this
    Smart phone.