Wedge Smartphone Render is Created by Romanian Designer Alin Zanfirescu, Features See Through Processor Window

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My previous PC had a small transparent window with a few LEDs, that let me see the CPU doing its magic. Many people like to mod their computers and always see what’s going on inside. Well, why not apply that to phones? Designer Alin Zanfirescu from Timisoara, Romania did that in a very discrete way.

Wedge smartphone concept 1

He envisioned the Wedge smartphone, that adopts a curved format and features a small window that shows the CPU working. The window is hidden behind an elegant stand, that can prop up the phone for video viewing. This curved concept phone makes me think of a Samsung Galaxy Round 2 for some reason and it definitely includes metal at the top and bottom.

Wedge smartphone concept 2

The display edges are very narrow and the back curve is very gentle. Speakers have been placed at the bottom, flanking the microUSB port and also at the bottom we find two screws that some people also like to see on their handsets. Alin did an excellent job here and you can see more shots of the Wedge Smartphone on his Behance profile.

Wedge smartphone concept 3

[via Behance]

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