What You See is What You Get Concept Phone Re(de)fines Cameraphones

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The “What you see is what you get” concept is probably one of the best-looking designs ever, rivalling the iPhone and most popular cameraphones nowadays. It comes with a decent touchscreen and it relies on an original concept, that allows the user to see the exact same thing he’s photographing on the phone’s display.


Instead of jewelry, the handset designed by Pei-Hua Huang uses mineral glass and metal material, but the device is recyclable. It is supposed to be a prepaid phone, that gets disassembled as parts after it ends its life cycle and then those parts get reused.

The “What you see is what you get” name comes from the innovative camera viewfinder, that will make sure you take pictures correctly.


Take a look at the phone’s specs below:

– stainless steel frame
– leather coating
– touchscreen LCD
– built in battery
– 3.0 megapixels CMOS camera
– 320×320 pixels, 65.000 color LCD display
– optional cradle charger
– dimensions: 120x50x8mm


[via Coroflot and Yanko Design]