Window Phone Concept Adapts to Weather and Humidity

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Seunghan Song created a concept mobile phone dubbed the Window Phone and we found out that this device can transform its look, like a window that reflects the outside weather. Window is a thin and transparent plastic sheet, basically, as you can see in the images below.


The handset will remain clear when the day is sunny, or it shows drips of water and look humid if it’s a rainy day. Snowy days will make it look foggy and frozen. Of course, the device is all about its cool touchscreen and it also supports handwriting recognition.

You can also draw and write text messages on this “sheet”, that’ll also recognize the symbols you draw and maybe even gestures.







[via Tuvie]

  • bije

    whre a hrdwre??

    its a cool phone… 🙂

  • Almon

    I wonder how you are supposed to put your sim card inside this phone. Maybe it’s CDMA or the sim card information is externally loaded into the phone. Where is the electronics? The antennae and all of those other stuff? I guess this is new technology. Getting rid of those unsightly silicon chips.

  • Affi

    What about the battery, speaker ,headset connector etc for this phone

  • Rajz

    it’s cool concept !!
    but don’t know how much feasible to design practically

  • Balachander Ganesan

    What an innovation!

    Technology at its best.

    Haven’t seen anything like this before, when this mobile comes to production it will kill all other mobiles.

    No competition 🙂

  • laura croft

    this is a fake phone of course

  • joannegilbert

    this is so ANIMAL!!!!

  • parthasarathy

    What about the battery, speaker ,headset connector etc for this phone
    this is a fake phone of course

  • wolf21

    of course its a fake phone right now but it will happen eventually aslo for the battery head set… etc it will most likely go wireless.. power mat, bluetooth…. etc

  • Anonymous

    Although.. to change to handwriting mode you have to blow? what about when your outside and it’s really windy? :S

    really awesome idea though i’d just put more thought into that bit

  • i have looked for this phone for ages and this is the only website with it on so when is it out and how much?

  • Prince Tripathi

    It will surely change the definition of touch and technology……….

  • ayomi

    i like so…. much the window phone so cooolll

  • sam

    it will rock the world

  • Hamilton

    For everyone that is asking when this phone is coming out, this is a CONCEPT. Calm down.

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  • WilliamHenryGIII

    thank you nanotechnology.

  • nishu

    ppl wt ur askin lame qstns like wers headphone, circuits, wires etc.. dts y its a concept phones.. 😐

  • Anon

    Imagination, guys. It could be made up of a special kind of glass with micro chips and mini wires that translate sound into reverberations in the fibers of the glass, inevitably you’d have to have bluetooth to even have a headset, it could be solar powered. Technology is all about tiny, eventually, it could be engineered. Science is awesome.