“Another World” Smartphone Seems Inspired by Tron

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Wooseok Suh designed a very interesting concept smartphone called Another World, that somehow reminds us of Tron. The idea is to have a very clean interface and design, that blend together seamlessly. There seems to be a center ring on the phone, displaying its features, that are shown on the surface of the device with projections or similar mechanisms.

Another World Phone is a very thin device, with a slightly curved facade and a pretty long body. That central ring of the phone may remind one of the iPod’s center ring and I can’t really figure out if the entire front of the device is a display, or only the upper part. Anyway, the idea is very original and if the UI truly involves laser projections on the surface of the device, it’s an even more original phone, but one that’s not very comfortable.

I imagine that the ring on the front has a corresponding circular area at the back, which hosts the camera sensor. For some reason I’d imagine HTC or ASUS designing such a device and selling it as a fashion phone or haute couture item made of carbon. Ready for the Tron Phone?

[via Yanko Design]