Label With Green Concept Phone is All About Upgrades, Eco-Friendly Technologies

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For modern people upgrading a phone means buying a smartphone, but thanks to handsets like modu, the modular phone, things will change in the future. Now we’ve come across a very interesting concept phone, the Label With Green device, designed by Shao Wei Huang, Chung Kai Chiang, Yu Pei Kuo and Chia-Yi Cho.


In order to power this handset, you’ll use ECO-Green Electronic Labels, that are solar panel paper labels that power various parts of the phone (camera, keyboard, speaker, display and solar battery). All you need to do in order to activate a function of the device is stick solar labels into the back side of the device.

The main idea behind the concept is to make the user conscious about the toxic waste that gets accumulated through the disposal of electronic gadgets and the energy consumption behind this process. An innovative idea, that’s also environmentally-friendly and original.





[via Yanko Design]