MySpace Phone, Social Networking Gone 3G and Portable

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Put your social boots on and start drooling for a gadget that finally allows you to check how popular you are on MySpace while walking to school. It’s a MySpace Mobile, a concept for now, or at least I think so, since I found it on Flickr. The device’s motto seems to be “A phone for friends”.

Now let’s see how friendly it really is.


MySpace Mobile features a pressure-sensitive retractable keypad and allows the user to send and receive comments, photos, videos and voice messages on the go. It also comes with Bluetooth profiles and supports synching with the PC version of MySpace Calendar.

In case you get bored, you can download and watch MySpace videos, get songs and ringtones from MySpace Music and of course use the MySpace IM. This concept phone supports 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, comes with a full MP3 and video player and last, but not least includes patented “Touch Tabs” for unique control.

[Found on Flickr]