Windows Phone 8 Luxury Smartphone Reminds me of a Hot Ferrari Supercar

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Designer Grigory Bars from Russia really put a lot of work into his GB Navigator design, a Windows Phone 8 luxury smartphone. The handset borrows heavily from automotive design and it reminds me of the top notch Ferrari supercars of the past year. GB Navigator is the name of the concept phone, that makes me feel like the times I opened the boxes of the DIY Burrago cars.

Since we don’t have any specs for this device, I have to say we could be dealing with a 4.5 inch handset here, with a HD resolution, an 8 megapixel camera with flash at the back and edges that look rubbery for better grip. Let’s add a dual core Snapdragon CPU under the hood, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage and we’re all set. I find those two colored buttons at the bottom interesting, the red and green one, that may be used for Home/Back features, eliminating the search button.

Can’t really tell if there’s a camera button on there, but there are some shoulder buttons that may be used to change volume and enter the camera. This handset is adorned with loads of metal, but also rubber and possibly other materials related to the world of supercars. Maybe aluminum, carbon fiber, titan, magnesium? If Ferrari will ever make a Windows Phone model, it will look like this!

[via Grigory Bars]