Fujitsu Brick Smartphone Concept Uses Transparent Display, Says it’s a PC

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There’s yet another transparent display phone concept out there, one imagined by Shaocheng Huang & Yuyin Huang and defined as simply a portable PC. I’ve seen such devices before and usually the transparency stuff serves for taking great pictures, using augmented reality or an improved GPS feature. Now let’s see what the Fujitsu Brick offers us this time…

This concept uses the transparent screen for magnifying purposes, text translation, video and photo capture plus… a projector feature. The Fujitsu device is an ultraslim one, it’s very sleek and supports instant translation from one language to another. The magnifier works perfectly and considering I don’t see any buttons here, I guess it’s all touchscreen and gestures. I don’t quite get how you can use this handset as a projector… maybe by amplifying a light source it will project a certain image or video on a surface.

If you add a decent CPU, camera and storage to this unit, it could become useful especially for students and business men, if you take into account its features. There’s one thing that I always wonder when seeing a transparent phone: does it really use a sheet of see through glass, or it just has the camera on all the time and shows what it captures behind the phone? I’ve seen both versions at work…

[via Yanko Design]