Fujitsu Iris Tablet PC is a Transparent Piece of Wonder

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How about a transparent tablet concept to light up your day? I’m talking here about the Fujitsu Iris, a pretty interesting design that was created by Liu-Wei, Yao Kai-Chi, Hong Ruei-Hong and Cheng Ya-Fang. This device uses a transparent OLED display and supports wireless charging technology.

Fujitsu Iris uses its transparency to scan documents, do instant translation and even magnify items. It’s a got a camera, a scan sensor, augmented reality, compatibility with pen input and much, much more. In order to scan a piece of paper, you just slide around a special bar and that’s it, problem solved. Two persons can use the device at the same time with the segmentation feature, using the bar as means of separation.

This tablet works perfectly for designers too, since it comes with a reality amplification application and electronic compass that make a design into a real surrounding environment. Interior design never was that easy and I bet that if this device were real, it would cost in the range of $1500 or even more. However, the novelty it brings is truly priceless…

[via Yanko Design]