Fujitsu Lifebook X2 Concept Is a Palmtop and a Laptop

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Well, this device is perfect for people who want to expand the functionality of a tiny device that they carry around all the time. We’re dealing with the Fujitsu Lifebook X2 concept here, created by Park Hyun Jin. Well, this console-like unit (when closed) will open up to be a palmtop and thanks to many hinges, it will even open up to be a laptop.

Too bad that there will be a seam in the middle of the screen, which is always a problem, especially in the case of the Kyocera Echo handset, if you’re familiar with that one. The concept is still pretty nice and original and I’d imagine Sony doing that to a Vaio, maybe without that bending point in the middle of the screen?

If you use the Lifebook X2 in palmtop mode, then at least you get an ultra widescreen, great for web browsing and video watching. What’s interesting is that the palmtop has a virtual keyboard, used in laptop mode, too, but there’s too much space left for the touchpad in the bigger device mode. Just my 2 cents…

[via ubergizmo]