Latest Games For Mobiles In 2021

This year, mobile gaming is evolving to new heights. Mobile gaming has come an extremely long way from the red ball in Bounce. We have seen the mobile gaming space change from simple time killers to full-blown esports scenes where players from around the globe meet to play online and compete to see who truly are amongst the best mobile gamers. Games like Call of Duty Mobile and the selection of the Rockstar Games available on mobile have pushed the standards of mobile gaming to new highs that are now becoming the standard for games on the mobile platform.

Mobile meta

These days the smartphones you use will often come with a native application marketplace which is standard to the device manufacturer’s chosen operating system. The two most popular are the App Store from Apple and the Google Play Store which most Android devices will sport as a standard on-device option to navigate and install verified applications onto your smartphones. This is the best time to be getting into mobile gaming because we have finally reached a point where there is something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a brutal shooter or a relaxing puzzle game, there is definitely something that will be in your niche ready to entertain you for ages. With such a wide variety of options, it is near impossible to test every single game to find out what is the latest and greatest; you need some inside information. Here are some of the latest games for mobile this year that are worth trying!

Rocket League

This has been long-awaited since Epic announced they would be releasing their competitive motorsport soccer game to mobile. A massive hit globally, this free-to-play game took the world by storm many years ago and managed to keep everyone interested till now, when the excitement is at a new high with the ability to take this motorized soccer world fun with you wherever you go. Rocket League has made sure to have international server support ensuring all players will be enjoying the game in optimal conditions. This game has never been particularly hardware intensive, so a mobile release was definitely due at some point.

Apex Legends

Although it is not out, EA is letting people pre-register now. With the release being around the corner, mobile gamers are excited and gearing up to play one of the most popular battle royale games in the world right now on their mobile devices. It has been confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile will not be cross-platform, and this is perfect for gamers newer to the online gaming space as experience on their smartphones will be on an equal playing field. The game will be new, and the mechanics will still need to be mastered by everyone as it will be their first-time playing Apex Legends on their smartphones. So get on YouTube now to find out as much as you can so your game knowledge can get up to speed before you hop into the new world of Apex Legends Mobile.

NBA 22

There’s a new basketball game called NBA 22, and it’s pretty typical of a sports game. Players from the current NBA, as well as retired NBA superstars, can be collected and played with. Developers continuously update each player based on their actual performance. There is an actual basketball mechanic that makes it better than most basketball games on mobile. However, the gameplay is very simple. It’s more of an arcade game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but those looking for a more complex basketball game will not find it here. It’s free to play just like all other sports games, which is a step in the right direction, so it will not be a waste, especially if you enjoy basketball. The main issue is they are competing with themselves and the standards set in NBA 22 on console and PC, but you can not expect the same levels on a mobile port.

Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a five-on-five team battle in which you compete against friends and other players around the world to see who can score the most points. You can dress your Pokémon in Holowear for a stylish and ready-for-battle look. You can fight another team using Unite Moves, all-new Pokémon moves that can only be used in Unite Battles. In order to beat the other team, it is critical that you work together, and you can communicate through quick chat messages, signals, and voice chat. With Pokémon Unite, you can play with friends on both mobile and Switch. It’s free to play and cross-platform; what more can you want?


Pre-registration is over, and the game will be out on the 11th of November. The long-awaited sequel to the battle royale port PUBG has finally arrived. This is the first mobile-oriented version operating as a standalone title in the franchise. In this installment of the battle royale franchise, you are transported into the future, 2051, to be precise. This leap into the future comes with a much-needed overhaul to the graphics and mechanics, making it feel whole as a game rather than the best attempt at a port.

Mobile gaming in the future

The future for mobile gaming looks bright. With innovations in virtual reality being implemented for mobile, only time will tell what the next craze is. You may be playing virtual reality mobile games in the near future! Considering that a decade ago, playing games on mobile was not considered real gaming, it is safe to say mobile gaming is at the peak of its evolution to become a legitimate contender for gaming. It is also a lot less pressure for the casual player who does not know if they should get a gaming device. The odds are their smartphones will have enough power and hardware to safely and cheaply enter the gaming world while having access to most of the games raved about by gamers around the world on a console, PC, or even a Switch. 

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