Nintendo Android Phone Concept is a N-Gage Replacement

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Even if the PSP Phone finally came true through the Xperia Play, people still want back the original gaming phone the N-Gage from Nokia. We saw an N-Gage 2 concept here and now the same designer, Davia Quijada (Amaqui) is back with a pretty similar unit, but one based on Android 4.0 and offering Nintendo games.

This Android 4.0 smarpthone seems very thin and has a sliding part with gaming controls. The screen is slightly tilted and it’s wide enough for a great gaming experience. At the back we have a 3D camera and the layout of the gaming keys and everything seems borrowed heavily from the Nintendo DS. One thing’s for sure: this thing looks better than the Xperia Play and if it has better specs, it’s a goldmine. Sadly, Nintendo will never agree to lend a hand to Google to developer such a phone.

However, recent rumors have mentioned that the Nintendo Wii U may end up being an Android tablet, so maybe there’s room for cooperation after all. Anyway, I’d like to know how many of you would prefer a next gen N-Gage over a new PSP Phone/Xperia Play 2?

[via Deviantart]