Chromebook Fusion Concept Combines Android and Chrome in One Sexy Package (Video)

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Taking a break from phones today, we uncover the Chromebook Fusion, a very nice laptop concept rendered by Vishal Bhanushali, the creator of the Nexus Play console. This laptop is very slim and very cleanly design, plus it also brings Android together with the Chrome experience.


The screen is ultraslim, as seen from profile and we get an OLED mini screen here, serving as the touchpad and offering the famous Android unlock pattern. There’s Chrome OS with Android 4.4 runtime on board and the Chromebook Fusion relies on the Chrome browser with extensions and its own store. The touchpad area feels like a mini phone, with the ability to display calls that you can take.

Google Hangouts is also available here, with OLED touchpad integration. Google Now is present on the ChromeBook concept as well and overall, this blend of Android and Chrome looks appealing. The second screen, placed in the touchpad area is not distracting, like it may seem at first, since it’s actually pretty useful. I wonder what the battery life is, seeing how thin this laptop is…







[via mygadgetic]

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