Google Pixel 5 Already Rendered, Has a Few Nexus Throwbacks

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While the Google Pixel 4 keeps getting teased these days and we’ve already seen some renders, some bolder designers even tackle the 2020 model. Case in point, Michael Muleba has come up with the Google Pixel 5 already. Let’s check it out.

The Google Pixel 5 somehow feels like a Nexus phone throwback to me. It may be the back side of the phone that’s triggering this feeling. It also comes in 10 different hues and color combinations and offers 5 indicator lights on the back, which can be customized to show battery level, notifications and more. You can also share battery power from this device to another.

The design is highly curved and glossy and all cameras have been hidden. The facade is all screen, so the fingerprint scanner, earpiece, face unlock and other sensors are all behind glass. The back camera actually looks more complicated and I can’t tell if a part of the device slides up to reveal it, or it’s based on transparency. Specs for the Google Pixel 5 include a 6.7 inch Quad HD display, 128 GB of storage and shockingly even a mini microSD expansion, according to the source.

This time we also get a dual 20 MP telephoto lens camera, which sounds like overkill for the zoom. The notification indicator lights at the back are pretty cool, but I’m not sure people will keep turning the phone with the back towards them just to see a notification light. Also the UI feels a bit off in its integration on the screen. It feels like it’s taken from a Samsung TouchWiz implementation.

[via Michael Muleba]

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