Google Project Ara Projector and HDMI Out Concept May Actually Happen

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January should have brought us big news about the Project Ara phone, since there were supposed to be conferences about the handset, but honestly speaking I didn’t find out anything I didn’t already know. Today we come across a nifty concept related to Project Ara.

project ara HDMI module projector concept

We’re talking about a projector and HDMI out concept accessory for the device, a sort of Chromecast integrated within the smartphone. I have to say the device doesn’t look half bad in blue and it’s still made of LEGO-like pieces as we knew it. This creation belong to UDARA-U3, a Deviantart member. The idea of HDMI out may seem obsolete now, with all the wireless connectivity going on, but still if you want gaming straight to your TV set and hate HDMI accessories, this is the choice to go with.

Also, the projector bit looks interesting, but it seems to replace the camera area. I’d see both of them happening, since Project Ara is so open to all sorts of initiatives and customizations. The biggest problem with going all out with these accessories is the power source. And then you feel tempted to add more battery modules and you end up with a very thick phone…

How do you think Project Ara will handle the pressure when too many modules are present?

[via Deviantart]

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