Nexus 5 2015 Rendered With Dual Camera, Draws Some Inspiration From Predecessor (Video)

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Jermaine Smit has a new concept phone out, with a video that shows us the cool features of the Nexus 5 2015, as he calls this model. The thing is clearly stands out through is the dual back camera.

Nexus 5 2015 Jermaine Smit render 1

The design seems inspired by the Nexus 5 and seems to include a soft touch back, rounded corners and a screen with narrow bezels, but not narrow in the exaggerated way. The concept is based on recent leaks and I’m guessing it’ the LG Nexus rather than the Huawei one. This Nexus 5 2015 model comes with a 5.2 inch Full HD screen, an USB Type C port, a Snapdragon 820 processor and a 16 megapixel dual camera.

Nexus 5 2015 Jermaine Smit render 2

It also has 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, 32, 64 or 128 GB of storage and a 2860 mAh battery. It runs Android M and integrates a 5 megapixel front facing camera. The design doesn’t seem very slim or curved and the device adopts a black front and white back, for a contrasting experience. There’s also a black on black version. I can’t tell what that big dark square at the back is, probably a fingerprint scanner.

Nexus 5 2015 Jermaine Smit render 3

Nexus 5 2015 Jermaine Smit render 4

[via Jermaine Smit]

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