Peony Pink Pixel 9 Leaked in Pictures, Videos

The internet was taken by surprise yesterday when a video circulated showing what appeared to be a pink Pixel 9, although the device was turned off. Well, now a new clip has emerged, revealing the screen powered on. It’s quite possible that this isn’t the same device as yesterday’s, but it features the same Peony color.

The clip showcases the Google Pixel 9 from all angles. The most notable feature observed is the dual-camera setup on the back. This year, Google will also release a smaller Pro model with three cameras. With the phone turned on, we get a brief glimpse of the home screen, Gmail, and Settings. There’s not much to see, of course, as it’s the familiar Pixel interface. Some significant changes come with Android 15, including enhanced multitasking on larger screens, but these will be more noticeable on the Pixel 9 Pro Fold than on the standard model.

Nonetheless, the phone in the video appears to be set with the Obsidian background rather than the Peony one, which matches its pink exterior. Google is set to unveil the Pixel 9 series on August 13.

via Android Authority

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