HTC 1 Concept Created by Andrew Kim Would Look Good in Real Life

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Every once in a while we come across a concept cellphone that we feel will be turned into reality some day. This is also the case of Andrew Kim’s HTC 1 handset, pictured below. The designer who created this device wants more from the UI and hardware harmony of HTC phones, so he took matters into his own hands.

HTC 1 is a premium smartphone that runs Android, a very slim unit, with a rectangular body shape, inspired by Leica’s cameras. The device is made from machined brass, in order to look good, no matter how old it gets. Also, it incorporates a hidden speaker and an original stand, plus a tough overall build.

The Sense UI is simpler and evolved, with full screen widgets providing an in-depth experience. Another innovation is the UV light on the front of the phone, killing microorganisms that would come in contact with your face and hands. Social networking feats complete the package of the design, that you can see detailed on its creator’s website.

[via androinica]