HTC 10 Gets “Updated Final 3D Render” From Techconfigurations

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We’ve seen the guys of rendering quite a few unannounced phones, like the HTC 10 and Huawei P9, but now the former is back in a “fully updated final 3D render”, which is pretty much 99% close to the real deal.

HTC 10 final 3d render updated (1)

Meant for an April debut, the HTC 10 is, just like we said before pretty much a wider HTC One A9, with a similar fingerprint scanner at the front and a slightly curved back. It has a dual tone metal chassis (gray and black) and aspects of its design make me think of the Samsung Galaxy A series, the initial one, not the 2016 models.

HTC 10 final 3d render updated (2)

Seen from the back, the bezels are still quite big and while the HTC black band is gone from below the screen, we still have capacitive buttons flanking the Home button. The back camera protrudes a bit and the screen bezels are minimal. Expect a 12 Ultrapixel back camera with OIS here and a Snapdragon 820 CPU. Launch date is said to be April 12th.

HTC 10 final 3d render updated (3)

HTC 10 final 3d render updated (4)

HTC 10 final 3d render updated (5)

[via techconfigurations]

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