HTC 11 Rendered With Dual Edge Display, Metal Slab Approach (Video)

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In all of this media rush regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we’ve forgotten other brands even exist and HTC has some cool Desire 10 phones out there and it’s time to start speculating about the HTC 11. Techconfigurations went as far as to render the device and you can check it out below.


The result is a dual curved edge handset, with a metal slab of a body. The screen bezel is minimal to none and the top and bottom are also very narrow. The back camera is very discrete and I’m not sure if we get a dual camera, or a main camera and a fingerprint scanner below it. Following up on the HTC Ocean concept, this model is button less and it’s also waterproof.


We expect a Snapdragon 830 CPU on board, while the video below shows a dual camera setup, with a 12 MP main shooter and an 8 MP secondary one part of the same mechanism. This model has a contextual touch sensitive frame, letting you change volume simply by touch. 6 GB of RAM are also listed here, plus an USB Type C port and a 5.5 inch Quad HD dual edge display.

Front facing dual stereo speakers were envisioned too. Wireless fast charging is available for the HTC 11 and sadly, I have a feeling many people are going to call this a Galaxy S7 Edge copycat, on account of those curved edges.




[via techconfigurations]

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