HTC One A9 Debuts in a Few Hours; Can We Call it a Clone Already?

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If you Google HTC One A9, you’ll probably come across more concepts of the handset than real renders or leaked pictures. However, recently a series of very believable leaks have happened, including the one below, courtesy of @OnLeaks.

htc one a9 versus iphone 6 versus htc one m8

Steve Hemmerstoffer is not afraid to state out the obvious: HTC One A9, formerly known as Aero is a blatant iPhone clone. It’s also not a huge evolution from the HTC One M8 or M9, as Cher Wang, HTC’s CEO promised. I remember a time when the HTC stock was at an all time low a few months ago, when the HTC CEO promised a “new hero product this fall”.

Peopled dreamt about Quad HD phones with cool Sony sensor cameras and a crazy gimmick to stun us all. Instead we’re getting a phone with an aluminum body, that somehow makes it look like cheap plastic and clones the iPhone, while moving the camera too high, at the center back. Also, specs are midrange and the price is 599 euros. WTF HTC?!

[via @OnLeaks]

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