HTC Android Wear Watch Rendered by Hasan Kaymak in Fresh Version (Video)

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Hasan Kaymak has created one or two HTC watches before, but today he’s back with a HTC watch that uses Android Wear. This model brings some design lines we already knew, but also new material choices and a better look at its software.

HTC Android Wear concept 1

Well, for one thing there’s no such thing as a real HTC Watch in real life, so we have to be happy with the concept here. We get a body design that feels like the Moto 360, with metal in the mix, a bezel free circular screen, with the glass very exposed. The belt is made of metal and the interface is circular and minimalistic. There’s a slight gap between the glass and metal body, leaving room for a slight screen edge.

We’ve got a crown button on the side, a physical one and a minimalistic UI for the music player and phone calling app. This is only part one of the experience that Hasan unveiled and we’ll be back with part two soon. In the video below you can see on screen notifications, a rotating dialer that feels old school and more goodies.

HTC Android Wear concept 2

HTC Android Wear concept 3

HTC Android Wear concept 4

HTC Android Wear concept 5

HTC Android Wear concept 6

HTC Android Wear concept 7

HTC Android Wear concept 8

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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