HTC Blackshaddow, a Very Original and Interesting Approach to the HTC Tablet

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Although designer Long-Nong Huang didn’t provide too much info on the HTC Blackshaddow tablet (not quite the HTC Scribe or HTC Flyer, right?), this device is very original. We’ll explain immediately why, after stating that this concept (and some more that will come soon) is the work of Silverstreet, as the designer mentioned.

Well, for starters this isn’t your average landscape slate, so the HTC tablet in question is a portrait device, that’s basically a bigger smartphone. We guess that crossing the 5 inch limit automatically makes your device a tablet these days, then so be it! Let’s embrace the HTC Blackshaddow as the 5 inch smartphone, or a smartbook or the tiny tablet that challenged the Dell Streak to a duel.

Would you like to have a wider than usual smartphone in your pocket? What do you think about this HTC tablet design?

[Thanks Long-Nong Huang]