HTC BoomSound Edition Concept Features Retractable Speakers – Part 1

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It seems that designers are in an inspired period right now, since after the launch of the HTC One A9 and subsequent criticism, we see more and more of them taking chances with HTC designs. Vineet Kumar for example has rendered the HTC BoomSound Edition concept detailed below.

HTC BoomSound Edition concept 1

The core of this design is the idea that it features a retractable set of speakers. The handset can be used in regular fashion, or it becomes a music phone, when the speakers slide outward. The BoomSound speaker system has been made even more powerful than before. Once the system gets slid in, the top speaker goes silent and the bottom one keeps playing, but at lesser volume.

HTC BoomSound Edition concept 2

Vineet also included a front 8 megapixel camera and a back 20 megapixel cam with dual tone flash and laser autofocus. This time the fingerprint scanner is placed at the bottom. The handset looks great and very mature and certainly it doesn’t copy any model on the market. It has an unibody metal case, but the format feels new. Now let’s see who copies it. Stay tuned for part 2, because we have even more images of this device.

HTC BoomSound Edition concept 3

HTC BoomSound Edition concept 4

HTC BoomSound Edition concept 5

HTC BoomSound Edition concept 6

HTC BoomSound Edition concept 7

[via Vineet Kumar]

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