HTC Discover Concept, an Android Phone With a 10 Megapixel Camera

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British designer Timur Pinar created HTC Discover, an Android phone with a 10 megapixel autofocus camera and a 16:9 screen format. We also find out that the handset supports Stereo Bluetooth headsets and 3G plus WiFi connectivity.


Timur Pinar claims that the device borrows a few design traits from previous Google Android phones, like HTC Magic or Hero, like the “chin”. This time, this element is incorporated into the brushed aluminium bezel and what differentiates this model from others is its new concave front design.

The advantage of such a design is that you can hold the handset for a long time, while playing games. Also, you must notice that the front face of the device sports no buttons, aside from the joystick, with navigational purposes, while the call and reject call buttons have been placed on the sides, as rockers. Could this be successor to HTC Hero?



[via behance]