HTC G2, A Superb Android Device

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We have shown you a T-Mobile G2 concept before, but here’s yet another take on the same idea: HTC makes a second Android phone. The new design is very similar to the previous G2, with the same high-resolution display and front physical keys beneath the screen.

The QWERTY keyboard is the same as the one on the G1, all of the Google web apps are there, plus an interface that doesn’t quite impress me.









[via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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  • Josue_181


  • lonifasiko

    Wow, this smartphone looks awesome!

  • TK4

    Some of the designs in this website, are like a stroke of a genius.
    I mean some of these designs are so good, to the point that we might never see them in real life.
    This one in particular got me going paralized in the way that a marvelous UI meets an excellent design.

  • Anonymous

    fantastic my dreams have will reality

  • ahmed

    dude if the g1 was like that i would have never sold it for iphone 3g

  • ahmed

    whoever made the concept should sell it to htc for g2’s design

  • I have been looking for a smart phone for sometime. I have found what we have been looking for.

  • Ivan

    Dude, that looks like one kick ass phone. Apple better update the iPhone soon or else they’d go out of buisness. I think this phone from one of the photos has a front camera probably for video conferencing. Maybe HTC would give it a higher resolution screen and a better camera with video recording capabilities. It also looks very slick. Then again, HTC made other phones like the Touch HD with other great features too while its competitors like Samsung made what I think is the best phone ever: The Samsung Omnia

  • rex

    dude when can i get my hands on one

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  • BulletS

    Its Fake..

  • Cjizzle

    It’s a concept. but yeah someone took the htc touch hd and photo shopped the hell out of it. lol. still it would be a sweet phone if it were real

  • ms.09

    Man dat g2 dat thang man it you don’t get it you ain’t on nothin

  • mhm

    Wow, that’s fake,
    but AMAZING! I wish they did make one like that.
    I would by it in like .23984 seconds ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott

    Here’s my only thought and yes this phone looks amazing… Is there a camera on the front so you can start using it as a video phone. Google Voice, Google Talk, and Skype are sure to allow for this. Perhaps we can get the built in BlueTooth will work with a video camera BlueTooth device.
    Maybe this comes after this generation of phones passes. After all companies have to have the next model to sell.

  • prettybxtch

    i got this phone like a week ago cuz mii dad designed it and it is fuckin hot

  • Ivan

    What are you talking about? This phone doesn’t even exist!

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  • TareX

    Your Dad designed it? I must be your Dad then… funny she never told me. Guys, I made a facebook group for my design. Join it to promote this to HTC:

    Thanks, everybody.

  • trigga


  • TareX

    I’m just saying I made this design 11 months ago, and HTC knows about it. Will they release something like that? God knows…

    The HTC Touch HD 2 is coming out… running Android. So, maybe. But I’m sticking to a Tegra phone with a keyboard.

  • chantrel007

    Yes I think the phone is generally the perfect design. With video calling and a dedicated search key with the home keys. The tilt looks good, Im just concerned about how long it will last, my G1 still slides with ease. Another thing I really appreciate about the G1 is the trackball and looking at your design I like the size but am hoping its just as efficient as the G1 trackball. I love the screen and the thinness of it though! I hope HTC or maybe Motorola picks it up! Itd also be great if the back door could be a little more durable than the original G1 (although my phone hasnt broke in over a year) I really like your interface and the tabs idea. Its really an HTC DREAM!

  • kig

    some times this phone companies just piss u off like seriously i know it’s their business but we part of it for having the G1.
    a lot of people get amazed by the G1 when they see me using it and i guess that is because they don’t really know about it which means the marketing is bad or not effective.

    pls make this g2 phone with keypad and i bet anything that iphone will go and black berry will die am not saying officially but am saying in the world of hiphop and urban and young fellas this g2 phone would rule big time

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  • Anonymous

    damn this phone is sooo sexy…hopefully HTC sees it the same way and adopts the look…i would wait outside of the store the day b4 it comes out…:-p…..

  • I think i got a new favorite phone!

  • hazel

    fantastic! i was worried it wasnt going to have the physical keyboard.

  • hazel

    okay now im a little worried.. is this the finished product or not? does anyone know? updates please!

  • MGS

    @hazel. this concept is very old and will never become a reality. its actually just a photoshopped pic of the HTC Touch HD which as we all know has been surpassed by both the HTC EVO and HD2. would be nice to have an EVO or HD2 with a slide out keyboard……

  • t-moblie misseryyy

    mann this phone looks so beast! i have the g1 its pretty retarded if this was real id do anything possible to get this phone!! it look so amazing!!! i WANT it so fricken bad! so they better make it, because i get what i want ๐Ÿ˜‰ and i will get this :DDDDDDDDD or else…….O:

  • t-mobile’s #1 Hater:)

    the actual g2 sucks. and everytime you try to open the key bored it pinches your fingers! oh tmobil why couldnt this concept be the new g2?

  • April

    I been searching for this phone every where when i first seen this picture but all i find is the freaking ugly silver one thanks for informing that it is just a promo or design that has not yet come out would love to have this phone TMOBILE PLEASE COME OUT WITH IT!

  • oh, great phone.i need buy it, hey guys how much it now ?

  • paulette

    Yep, it should have looked like this because the G2 as it stands is a very stupid design. No physical keys really stinks! I just got it because my son said his was wonderful. Dumb me bought it line and sinker and paid $315 for it the last week of Dec. I hate it totally! I really miss my Nokia’s. Nokia needs to straighten up. I purchased a Blackberry, hate that and I won’t go for an Iphone. So far, I don’t like Android either. It’s definitely not all that!