HTC One M10 Gets Mockup Following Latest Leak

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Remember the HTC One M10 leak by @evleaks, that revealed a live shot of the device’s front? Well, that was made into a series of renders yesterday and into a more solid mockup today, courtesy of XDA Developers forum member hamdir.

htc one m10 render xda developers

He also envisioned the back of the device, that changes the HTC One A9 approach and goes back to a camera design similar to the HTC One M9 and M8, albeit with the flash moved to the other side and the camera module rounded now. The frame remains massive, the camera seems to protrude and the top side of the front is huge.

That area hosts both a large earpiece and a supposed powerhouse of a selfie shooter, with 12 megapixel resolution and OIS even. This model has a metallic chassis, that seems thinner than the one of the predecessor and keeps the ridged Power button of the One A9. I also have a feeling the HTC Perfume/ HTC One M10 is going to be less rounded than the HTC One M9…

[via GSMDome/ XDA Developers]

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