HTC One M10 Realistic 3D Renders Published Online, Based on Leaks (Video)

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We’ve had our share of HTC One M10 leaks, both in hands on shots and renders. Today we come across a series of 3D renderings based on live images and leaks. They’re created by and also include a video below.

HTC One M10 realistic 3D renders 1

I have to say that in spite of the fact that the renders we saw before made the device look a bit bulky, these new images make it look a bit more fashionable. The volume buttons and Home button are kind of strange, especially as far as color choice is concerned. The same yellow hue is applied to the plastic antenna cutouts at the back.

HTC One M10 realistic 3D renders 2

One thing I never understood about the HTC One M10 ever since the first leaks was why the edges are so big and rounded. It’s as if the phone had a bumper case applied. It could be the fact that HTC sacrificed width for the sake of a lower thickness. The HTC One M models were never slim, so maybe sacrifices had to be made to achieve that.

Basically, this is a wider HTC One A9… but we’ll learn more on April 11th.

HTC One M10 realistic 3D renders 3

HTC One M10 realistic 3D renders 4

HTC One M10 realistic 3D renders 5

HTC One M10 realistic 3D renders 6


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