HTC One M8 Gets a “What If” Redesign, Courtesy of Peter Dudas

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Straight from Italy comes the artistic attempt of Peter Dudas, a HTC One M8 concept, that we see as a bit of a “what if”. Many people are wondering what happened if HTC had more dramatically changed the design of the HTC One M8, compared to the HTC One M7. Well, the result would look a bit like this:

HTC One M8 redesign 1

The device does have one or two core elements of the HTC One series and even some from the HTC one M8. There’s a brushed metal unibody frame here, dual front facing speakers and a rear side with a clear contour. A “Super HD” display is mentioned by the user and I super hope it’s more than the Super LCD we’ve been getting for the past 3 generations of HTC One models.

HTC One M8 redesign 2

This HTC One M8 concept shown here gets a more curved back, interestingly placed flashes above and to the side of the main camera, as well as a new way of integrating the front speakers. The whole design reminds me of a sort of bumper case I’ve seen applied to many devices, maybe one made by Verus or Cubz. The absolute best things about this smartphone are its curved format, the interesting placement of the flashes and those lines that cut into the device in a more elegant and high techy way, instead of the regular lines.

HTC One M8 redesign 3

HTC One M8 redesign 4

HTC One M8 redesign 5


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