HTC One M9 Gets Designed by Hasan Kaymak Again; Here’s a 3D Render (Video)

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Hasan Kaymak may have designed the HTC One M9, but this is by no means a 2015 flagship phone, instead he imagined the design language of 2018. The speakers are supposed to reflect that most than anything. There’s also a video detailing the design below.

htc one m9 concept

You can access this Sketchfab profile for Hasan and support his work by donating on Paypal at As far as the HTC One M9 is concerned, we get extremely narrow bezels, a wide body and what seems like a triple flash with 3 types of flash colors. There’s a solid metal edge around the device and the speakers clearly stand out of the brilliantly machine fabricated body.

I see there’s a small button of sorts below the camera, or maybe an autofocus laser assist, following the example of the LG G3. The top and bottom BoomSound speakers have a very modern design and overall the format hasn’t changed from the previous models too much, it’s only been evolved a bit. There are also virtual Android buttons in the mix, by the way. Basically, this is everything the LG G3 should be plus a touch of HTC One M8…

HTC One M9 concept Hasan Kaymak 1

HTC One M9 concept Hasan Kaymak 2

HTC One M9 concept Hasan Kaymak 3

[via Hasan Kaymak]

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