HTC M9 Could be the Flagship of 2015

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Rohit Singh is back after this HTC M8 concept with a device he calls the HTC M9. This model is supposed to be a flagship phone of 2015 and certainly sounds like one. This handset opts for a single BoomSound speaker and an interesting and modern back pattern.

HTC M9 concept 6

The fingerprint scanner on the side, from the previous concept is still here and we’ve got a 12 Ultrapixel camera and Snapdragon 805 CPU, so not much has changed. 4 GB of RAM and a 2K display are also here, as well as HTC Zoe and BlinkFeed. The screen measures 5.2 inches in diagonal and has Gorilla Glass protection.

HTC M9 concept 4

The case is made of premium aluminum and Android KitKat is the OS of choice here, with HTC Sense 6.0 or 6.5 maybe. The back has a very nice 3D look to it and the camera area feels very much like a Nexus 5 or something like it. Interestingly enough there are 4 capacitive buttons here, a trend that has not been popular for a long while now.

[Thanks Rohit Singh]

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