HTC One Z – Return of the Sliding Keyboard!

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Remember when HTC had those cool smartphones with smaller displays and big sliding QWERTY keyboards? Well, from Hasan Kaymak, the man that gave us the musical HTC One XE comes HTC One Z. This HTC concept is focused on the sliding mechanism, QWERTY keyboard and believe it or not, it’s even a dual SIM phone.

HTC One Z supports 3G and 4G LTE+ connectivity and it packs a 4.7 inch SLCD3 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 2 protection. Inside there’s a 1.5 GHz penta core CPU, which might as well be the Tegra 3, that actually has a fifth core in the mix. Or it could be Tegra 4… Anyway, the device also uses 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot, plus a micro HDMI port. The only thing I’m worried about here is how bulky and wide this model will end up being…

A 4.7 inch smartphone is already huge and if you add to it a sliding keyboard, things get even beefier. However, that keyboard sure looks comfortable, but having such a big screen means that you also have a big virtual keyboard, so maybe trimming the diagonal to a more reasonable level would be a nice idea. Anyway, I’d take this model any day over all the HTC One X, since I’m a bit of a slider fan myself. What’s your opinion on this piece of work? Anyone else reminds the beautiful Desire Z?

[via Hasan Kaymak]

  • Jordan

    Finally a qwerty device with a decent screen! all it needs is 5 Rows instead of 4 and to be picky a choice of device colours.

    Please HTC, make this one happen!

  • Con

    This is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. Make it happen, HTC!!!

  • Agree with you, great screen resolution, nice design and good functions. Super!

  • Michael

    Yes, this is what i’m waiting for.

    Please release the HTC One Z as soon as possible!

  • Dutchman01

    My opinion?

    release this beautiful One Z!

    Really great specs, really a higend pice again.

    I can’t wait to order a HTC One Z.

  • BH Loo

    Kindly make it happen HTC, have been craving for this since my last TP2 power house device.

  • Whippler

    Sweet, all it needs is direction pad, and fifth row on the kb.

  • chaka

    Add a HDMI slot with beats audio…TAKE MY MONEY

  • Sara

    I have the HTC Desire Z and I’m realy happy with it. A touchscreen alone just doesn’t work for me, so please release the HTC One Z!

  • Kevster

    This is the ideal phone, awesome! Would buy one tomorrow. I’ve got the HTC one but can’t get on with onscreen kb – make it!

  • me

    Stop dreaming so fuckin much! Propose something that HTC could actually build not just look and laugh. 720p screens have barelly hit the market and you want 1080p ? What the hell have you smoked? And a pentacore cpu would be more unstable than a drunk man on a monocycle. That’s why Tegra 3 uses 4 cores and an additional 5th companion core when the other 4 are not in use. Actually think before dreaming!

    a HTC employee on it’s free time

  • nilboG

    this is so fake. first of all, as someone stated we JUST recieved 720p displays, 1080p is out of the question. then no one is going to put this huge screen on a keyboard. i could see a maximum of 4.3 with a keyboard, MAYBE 4.5. then the display is SLCD3? the 2 is just only on maybe one device, its still the new thing. then a pentacore cpu is unheard of. then if you look at the keyboard, its straight from the mytouch line. this is nothing but a horribly photoshopped picture of the one x, and looks like the bottom of an EVO 4G LTE.

  • nope

    It’s a CONCEPT PHONE. Here I’ll just say it again, CONCEPT PHONE. Get off your high horses and think for a bloody second.

    Imo a Desire Z with upgraded hardware branded as a One Z would be great.

  • Finally!

    Finally! A smart phone with qwerty keypad. Its nice to know that HTC will release such phone. Not to mention that many touch-screen phones released in the market forgot the concept of combining qwerty keypads + touch screen android phone. 2 thumbs up for that!

    Just some suggestions.
    Please just do something about the heating part of HTC phones. It becomes hot at times, and its becoming so awkward. I hope this One Z will not do the same thing.

    And about the battery life span. Please do something about making it last longer even though data services are used.

    If you’re going to make this One Z happen. Please secure flaws. But I’ll tell you, this will be selling like hot pancakes ones released!

  • Salim

    Awesome. I need to new phone, but got thoroughly depressed looking at all the pay and go phones being touchscreen. I hate touchscreen only phones. A qwerty is a must…which is why i’m gonna buy the desire z in 2012. I don’t care if it’s old. It suits my needs.

  • Dominica

    Has it got a front camera?

  • jippo

    For some of you,

    Don’t forget, a concept is a concept, sometimes a bit too exciting.
    But I would love it if HTC would bring out a new (4.1) android phone with qwerty, I love the desire Z and plan on using it untill the next qwerty will come(from htc).

    So let us keep dreaming 🙂 and hoping

  • Tomas

    Android, qwerty, 2x sim. This is the first phone with this cobination. I have been waiting a long time for this product. Do anyone know if this information is still actual or fake.

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